This 5 minute guide will cover all aspects of creating your blog website on your own in less than 30 minutes and you will start making money with your blog.

How To Start Making Money With Your Blog

Now, I will show you all the technical steps that you have to go through to launch your blog and to start making money in less than 15 minute. Get started on how to create a website in less than 30 minutes on your own click here.

Steps in Starting your own Blog

Register a domain name – This is your blog’s permanent address on the Internet and it can be the name of your website. Click here to check if your domain name is available. I will recommend you to use the name of your website so that you will not confuse people about your blog.

First of all you need to put the following into consideration and they must be available.

• Hosting website – This is the place you will store your website data and images.

• Install WordPress – Best website building platform for creating your blog is WordPress. The next step is to install WordPress on your hosting sever. Click here to learn how to create a WordPress website in few minutes.

• Customize your blog – Set up your WordPress blog as you like by installing a theme and plugins to add additional features to your website. Click here to learn how to customize your website.

• Start writing – The next step is to start writing your post or article on your website. Its as easy like posting on Facebook but with more functionalities.

Now, I will discuss all of them one by one with no step skipped.

Step 1: Pick A Name For Your Blog

It’s your blog’s permanent address on the Internet.” It is the domain name that you type into a browser’s address bar for visiting a website, such as Facebook or Google.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Domain Name?

A good domain name should have the following characteristics

  • Include words that tie to your topic
  • Short and memorable
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers
  • Try to if available.

Step 2: Set Up Hosting for Your Blog

What the heck is hosting? It’s not as confusing as it sounds. All websites need to “rent” space on the internet. A place to store all your blog’s data, files, and photos so that people around the world can easily access it when they type in your domain name.

In order to get you started down the right path building a brand new blog, I’ll be using the Hostinger hosting provider I personally recommend to make it easy.

Why Do I Recommend Hostinger for New Bloggers?

I recommend Hostinger because its

  • Affordable- Hostinger is very affordable its plan starts at just $2.99 per month. Unlike bluehost and many other, their hosting plan starts from $3.50 per month.
  • Crazy Easy-It makes setting up a new blog very easy.
  • High-quality Hosting- It is the “Official” hosting provider for WordPress. Unlike other web hosts, it provides high quality hosting.
  • Free Domain (10$ Savings)- Normally, domain pricing starts from 10$/year. You can buy domain name for as low as 1$ for one year.
  • Hostinger is easy to optimize with WordPress. Unlike other web hosting platforms.

In conclusion

You can now share your website to your social media and apply for ads publishing on your website with Google adsence or adsterra and earn a passive income from your blog or sell ads space to publishers.

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